Other Ventures

As with all operations, we at Vailmont Vineyards Ltd. are continually looking for services or products that we can supply to our customers. This being said, we are presently the Niagara Peninsula representative for “Xactics” line of insulated harvest bins and would be pleased to quote on your needs.

Along with this, we at Vailmont Vineyards Ltd know how important it is to establish a new planting so we have added into our fleet of equipment the only 2 row Wagner laser/wire planting machine in Ontario. We now offer a full land preparation and planting service which will give you the “Growers Edge” service for all your new ventures.

If you are searching for some hard to find varieties then we would like to direct you to Alain Breault in Quebec. Check out his website www.viticultuream.ca Very impressive and is supplying bare root vines as exclusive propagator of all Tom Plocher varieties/ new discoveries and also supplies many winter / cold hardy varieties which are very promising for the next generation of wines! Even better is the fact that we at Vailmont Vineyards Ltd have been named as his agent for Ontario! Great news when considering a new planting.

As you can see we are not sitting still and we are continually searching for items and services we can add in to enhance your search choices – so keep returning and see what our next new addition might be!