Tow & Blow Portable Wind Machines

Using Wind to frost fight is not new technology. It has been one of the most effective means of protecting growing plants from frost damage for over 50 years.

However, the biggest issue with the earlier engine on top was safety issues and traditional ground powered fixed installation wind machines is inefficiency. For safety reasons, the traditional wind machine moved from engine on top to being ground powered with large horsepower engines driving ever increasing fan sizes, through clutches, gear boxes and long drive lines. This wastes an enormous amount of energy, uses lots of fuel, has a poor carbon foot print and is very expensive to maintain.

This is the only fan presently in use that has gone through a wind tunnel testing verifying its’ output.

The Tow & Blow Portable Wind have been engineered to focus on the following:

  • • It can be set to oscillate through any angle so doesn’t have to work against the natural air drift and can have all of its efforts working with the drift. This increases the efficiency enormously.

  • • Low operating cost, very low fuel consumption -23 HP Kohler Diesel Engine with centrifugal clutch

  • • It is whisper quiet – Inaudible at 300 m

  • • Shrouded Fan operates from 3 m to 7 m in height and is adjustable on the impeller head

  • • It’s portable; move it anytime; anywhere you need it.

  • • Out of site off season. Put it away when you or your neighbors don’t want to look at it.

  • • No Concrete Foundations needed

  • • No building permit needed

  • • No need to pull out vines or trees to install, thereby not reducing your income from your crop.

  • • No installation costs.

  • • Easy service. No specialty service equipment needed. No reliance on manufacturer for unique spare parts.

Vailmont Vineyards Ltd and National Leasing have teamed up to offer various leasing options to make the Tow & Blow very affordable.