Iroquois Shores Viticultural Services

Thousands of years ago as the ice cap receded our terrior was being developed. Soils ranging from sand to clay were deposited around a large, fresh body of water called “Lake Iroquois” thus Iroquois Shores was borne to follow history and to work with the soils and varieties of this great region.

While not all viticulture zones of Ontario are in our back yard, we have focused our vision on these areas foremost and are working with growers and vintners to develop, enhance and produce grapes and wines showcasing such. From the initial walking of the soils to seeing the grapes harvested and eventually tasting the wines from this great region we utilize our experience, ethical approach and passion every step of the way.

If your desire is to produce from the soils and you require consultation and management services, we at Iroquois Shores Viticultural Services would be pleased to discuss your needs. It matters not if this vision is here in the Niagara Peninsula or in other areas we will work with you to help make this vision a reality.



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