Family run since 1983!

Vailmont Vineyards Ltd is a family-run operation and with the families’ involvement they remain focused on providing their clients, whether growers or wineries with the best service they can.

Their philosophy has and will continue to be that all the vineyards they care for are treated as their own, therefore striving to provide the best quality, cost effective end product which is paramount to success. This is what they call “The Growers Edge”.


Working in agriculture always has one facing many challenges and the most powerful & yet uncontrollable is the weather. Two seasons ago it was so dry we begged for any drops of rain and then this past season we couldn’t shut the taps off. So we move forward in anticipation of a great 2018 growing season with just enough moisture to produce a superior crop.



If your desire is to produce from the soils and you require consultation and management services, we at Iroquois Shores Viticultural Services would be pleased to discuss your needs.

Venture - Iroquois Shores


As with all operations, we at Vailmont Vineyards Ltd. are continually looking for services or products that we can supply to our customers. We know how important it is to establish a new planting so we have added into our fleet of equipment the only 2 row Wagner laser/wire planting machine in Ontario.

We now offer a full land preparation and planting service which will give you the “Growers Edge” service for all your new ventures.